Holistic Education.

This is the core of our  mission. We offer top-notch international education that empowers students to cultivate their international and intercultural competencies. This takes place not only within the structured academic curriculum but also through a variety of activities, learning experiences, and opportunities tailored to different age groups and developmental stages.

Exceptional Educators from Around the Globe

We believe that education is not just about imparting knowledge but nurturing hearts and minds. Our educators are the cornerstone of this philosophy, chosen for their passion, commitment, and unwavering dedication to every child’s journey. Together, we cultivate an environment where learning transcends boundaries, fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. With access to cutting-edge professional development and a supportive community, our educators are empowered to inspire, challenge, and ignite the potential within each student, shaping future leaders who will positively impact the world.

Academic and Social Accomplishment

At HISU, a significant portion of our students demonstrate remarkable achievements in Cambridge International Examinations. This is why achieving success at HISU provides access to renowned global universities.

We motivate our students through various programs such as The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, STEM, Student Council, Service Learning, University and Career Preparedness, Mathemania, and the World Scholar’s Cup.

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