At Horizon International School Jinja, we prioritize the holistic development and wellbeing of our students. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to fostering an environment where students feel supported, safe, and empowered to thrive in all aspects of their lives.


Physical Health

We believe in promoting physical health through regular exercise, nutritious meals, and access to medical care.

Mental Health

Our counseling services provide confidential support to students facing challenges such as stress, anxiety, or homesickness. We offer individual sessions, group therapy, and workshops to promote mental wellness.

Emotional Wellbeing

We cultivate a supportive community where students feel valued, respected, and heard. Through mentorship programs and peer support networks, we encourage positive relationships and emotional resilience.

Social Connection

Building strong social connections is essential for wellbeing. We organize various events and activities to foster friendships and a sense of belonging among our diverse student body.

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