Statement Of School Aims


A student of Horizon International school Jinja will develop into a caring, innovative and environmental protector. The child will be nutured to be an open minded, knowledgeable, inquisitive and morally upright individual prepared for the challenging future.

Mission & VISION


At Horizon International School, our mission is to offer a contemporary approach to academic and holistic education, supported by modern technology, in an environment conducive to learning.


Our vision is to be the best educational institution for producing creative, self-reliant, respectful, and moral individuals who will build a better world for us all.

Horizon Values

Our key values permeate throughout the school

  1. Commitment to Sharing and Listening: We value open and respectful communication, where sharing opinions and listening to others are fundamental aspects of our school culture.

  2. Openness to Experimentation and Change: We embrace innovation and change, continually seeking better ways to enhance our educational programs.

  3. Learner-Centeredness: Our approach revolves around putting our learners at the center of their education, catering to their individual needs and interests.

  4. Developing Global Environmental Consciousness: We instill in our students a sense of responsibility for the planet, fostering a global environmental consciousness.

  5. Cultural Diversity: We celebrate and promote cultural diversity, recognizing the value it brings to our learning community.

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