Meet Our Administrators!

Fatih Kabakci

Vice Principal

a (16)

Chris Kibirige

Human Resource


Alyza Rachael

Admissions Officer

Bukenya Ephraim

Secondary Codinator

Sekitoleko Godfrey

Primary Codinator


Namutebi Benah

Kindergarten Codinator

Teacher Role and Profile

Our teachers mould, coach and mentor students in all aspects of life. They work with children on all school activities while ensuring that children develop independent work ethics, leadership and interpersonal skills. The school faculty carefully plan school activities and take full responsibility for those activities in and out of class, aiming to achieve high standards in all facets. Teachers undergo professional development training to provide exposure and understanding of the expected curriculum standards and contemporary practices. They are imaginative, very creative and highly motivated professionals who cherish adding value to children’s quest for knowledge.
Our staff are carefully selected and recruited from different parts of the world in order to be able to share experiences from a broad spectrum.

Preschool teachers teach and nurture our youngest children. These early childhood educators help these young learners become successful learners, readers, and writers.

As such, preschool teachers play an important role in the lives of preschoolers, some of whom may lack adequate experiences at home. These professionals help children:

  • Become familiar with books and other printed materials
  • Develop language abilities
  • Increase their knowledge
  • Learn letters and sounds
  • Learn to count
  • Recognize numbers


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