Our School

“To be the best educational institution for producing creative, self-reliant, respectful and moral individuals who will build a better world for us all.”
“To offer a contemporary approach to academic and holistic education, supported by modern technology in an environment conducive to learning.”
A student of Horizon will develop into a caring, innovative and reflective thinker who will take into consideration environmental protection. The child will be nurtured to be open minded, knowledgeable, inquisitive and morally upright in order to prepare for the challenging future.

The school embraces these values in order to achieve its goals;


Openness to experimentation and change

Commitment to sharing and hearing opinions

Cultural diversity

Developing a global environmental consciousness

Identifying and developing talent in all our pupils

Through the Cambridge International Assessment Education curriculum, we set a global standard for academic excellence in our students. Our education is based on five pillars including Confidence, Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Community awareness.


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