Greater global perspective in developing a sense of meaning and relevance to the children

Our students are taught in a caring and supportive environment, which treats each person as an individual and challenges all to excel. We place a high emphasis on rigorous academics, sports, community service and the moral education of our students. Our students are expected to show the model behavior of responsible global citizens, progressing to higher education and then to the world of work.

Our Curriculum

Leading universities and employers worldwide accept Cambridge IGCSE as evidence of academic ability. In Year’s 10 and 11 students follow courses leading to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations set and marked by Cambridge International Examination Board.

The following courses are available at IGCSE

  1. Compulsory subjects
      • Mathematics
      • English
      • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

b)   Groups

Students can choose not more than one subject from each of the following groups

Group 1: ICT, Literature and Additional Mathematics

Group 2: Chemistry, Economics and Geography

Group 3: French, Music and Art

Group 4: Biology, History and Business

Group 5: Physics, Account and Sociology

AS/ A ‘level

Our AS/ A ‘level graduates gain places at leading universities every year. The syllabus develops a deep understanding of subjects and independent thinking skills to specialize or study a broad range of subjects.


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