Horizon International School Uganda is endowed with a modern computer lab that is equipped well enough to meet all the demands of a student.

Our computer laboratory is comprised of a smart board, printers, and computers which are fully connected on the internet. Our wireless internet in the vicinity enables teachers and learners to connect their mobile devices to enhance learning and teaching.
Our learners have a chance of acquiring skills in a wide range of applications including computer programming (coding), web site development, mobile app development, computer networking, computer repairing and maintenance, database managements systems, 3D modeling, office applications, Robotics, video and sound editing 3D computer games, typing tutors, animations to mention but a few GISUtech is one of HISU’s platforms where learners showcase unrivalled ICT skills like mobile app development, and other computer-related applications.

Learners also interact with highly skilled ICT teachers who motivate and guide them on a daily basis.

You want your child to be refined and guided into becoming a highly competent IT guru? Try Horizon today.