Discover the Excellence of

Primary Education at Horizon International School!

we are committed to providing our students with a distinctive and carefully designed curriculum that fosters their comprehensive growth. Our approach combines the rigor of the Cambridge Primary curriculum with a forward-thinking integration of skills-based subjects that meet the demands of today’s dynamic job market.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our primary objective is to offer a well-rounded education that equips our students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to excel in the 21st century. Our curriculum encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects, ensuring that each child receives a holistic education. These subjects include:

English Mathematics Science, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education, Global Perspectives, ICT Starters, Digital Literacy, French, PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education), Swimming,  Literacy and Numeracy  Extracurricular Activities

Our comprehensive curriculum not only focuses on academic excellence but also emphasizes the development of essential life skills, critical thinking, creativity, and a global perspective.

,Preparing for a Bright Future: At HISU, we understand that education is a bridge to future success. By providing a well-rounded and innovative primary education, we empower our students to become confident, well-informed, and adaptable individuals who can navigate the challenges of an ever-evolving world.

Join us at the Primary Section of Horizon International School, where we pave the way for your child’s success, nurturing their talents and shaping them into well-rounded individuals ready to embrace the future with confidence and enthusiasm!

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