March 23rd – 24th   2018

It was a normal Friday and Saturday in march, except, for the fact that these were the days of the horizon primary school tour. The trip lasted only two days and one night, but, the experience and adventure would last a lifetime. The experience allowed the students to learn many things about themselves and to reflect on the beauty that was all around them.

The students were very excited and full of energy all through the journey.


First stop, Sezibwa Falls!!

The students were amazed by the beauty before them and it showed on their faces. Being the adventurous bunch that they are, the trek up the rocky steps was executed with perseverance and sturdiness. One wouldn’t miss the victorious look on their faces when they reached the top of the falls.


Next stop, Entebbe Zoo!

The kids were treated to a tasty lunch when they reached Entebbe. After the meal, the students embarked on their next adventure, the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC). They were treated to all many of birds with different colours of feathers. They also saw two of the “big five” of Uganda i.e. the lion and rhino. This was not only interesting to the students, but also educational.


Dinner at Café Javas!

After a long day of touring and learning new things, a sumptuous dinner was in order. This was at Kampala’s finest, Café Javas.

Not a bad way to end the day, huh!

And they were off to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.


A day at the museum!

After a good night’s sleep at the hotel, the students were treated to a lovely breakfast. They then went for a swim (a much needed one) at the pool.

After the swim, they were off to the National Museum of Uganda. While at the museum, the students were exposed to an array of information through pin-ups, artifacts, paintings, pictures and many other things that show the transformation and evolution of Uganda. This was an amazing opportunity for the students to learn about Uganda.


Last stop, the cinema!

The students were treated to a nice movie at century cinema, acacia mall. This was so exciting for the students that they couldn’t stop talking about it.

After the movie, the students piled into the van and headed back to Jinja.