Upper Primary Assembly

Yesterday saw our Upper Primary students perform a spectacular assembly under the theme: OUR CLIMATE, OUR FUTURE. The theme being no coincidence to the fact that yesterday, 20th September 2019, was the first day of Global  #WeekForFuture,  A movement led by children to demand global climate action, raise awareness about climate change and ensure a …

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Graduation 2019

On the 14th of June 2019, we had our fourth graduation ceremony. The Reception Class, Year 6 and Year 13 students were the celebrated grandaunts. Present at the memorably colorful event were the parents, friends, teachers and guests were overwhelmingly excited upon witnessing the gallant grandaunts saunter gracefully to the podium and get awarded. The …

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Family Painting Day

“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse- Everyone is an artist; it takes courage and confidence to put up works from visual art. No civilization is complete without its art (the highest form of expression of human intelligence). Right from the prehistoric times into the renaissance and post-world war era and right into the present times, …

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Family Assemblies

Family is not the most important thing, it is everything -Michael J Fox- We are one family at Horizon, and to demonstrate that, we gathered together the students of lower primary(year 1-3), lower secondary(year7-9) and the teachers too. Together, they described the concept of family, conclusively to everyone’s satisfaction. The students presented a speech, family …

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CAIE Afternoon

On the afternoon of 13th September 2018, the parents and guardians of the high school students (years 10 to 13) were invited to attend the annual CAIE evening. Among the items discussed were; ♣ University options ♣ Effective study techniques ♣ Discipline ♣ Parent involvement etc. The students were encouraged to go out of their …

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The Kindergarten pupils put on quite a show on 13th June 2018. They presented an assortment of items from dances to plays and small demonstrations. The pupils tried their best to explain why the nursery rhymes are an important part of their curriculum. They also demonstrated a very important universal value of cleanliness by picking …


International Day

Every year, horizon international school hosts their annual international day. This was the fourth such event and it was as colourful as would be expected. After weeks of preparation, the twenty-two nations that make up horizon international school were ready to present their cultures to the masses. Many items were on display; from traditional dances …

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March 23rd – 24th   2018 It was a normal Friday and Saturday in march, except, for the fact that these were the days of the horizon primary school tour. The trip lasted only two days and one night, but, the experience and adventure would last a lifetime. The experience allowed the students to learn many …



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