My time at Horizon International School – Haleem Tamale reveals.

One of the greatest things about being part of a community such as Horizon International School Jinja is the opportunity to be molded into a creative, self-reliant, respectful and a moral individual who will build a better world for us all. Haleem Tamale, one of our graduates from the year thirteen (13) class of 2022 penned down a touching insight about how his time was like while he was with us dubbed, “My time at Horizon International School.” Read on…

It feels just like yesterday when I joined Horizon International School in Jinja and yet my time as a student draws to an end. From the numerous events the school organized annually to the grueling examination weeks, it has surely been a memorable four years in Jinja. My journey from year ten (10) to year thirteen (13) has been full of ups and downs, but I am glad to say the ups greatly outnumbered the downs. Thinking about it now, I am very much grateful the reverse is not true.

I leave a different person than when I came to this extraordinary school, that has played a huge role in this. For starters, the main goal is to leave with more academic knowledge and wisdom, but growth as a person should not be ignored. What good is it to graduate top of your class and become a problem to society for your lackluster character and morals.

At school, we were groomed onto the path of professionalism and this requires discipline. Without discipline, you fail to see the bigger picture. As candidates, it did not require heavenly intervention to see that this can soon turn into a recipe for disaster. It can at times be a difficult pill to swallow, but without sacrifice, there can be no victory. Watch your favorite show or sports team or prepare for next week’s test. The answer might seem obvious, but the discipline to do what’s obvious can be the difference between being good or great.

Haleem Tamale on his time as a boarding student,

“During my time as a boarding student, the school administration had 20 hours a week in total scheduled for our personal studies. This might seem unreasonable, but I should remind you that we all have 168 hours available to us every week. These twenty hours represent 11.9% of the time we all have available to us every week.”

With all this in mind, I created my bigger picture and embarked on the road of achieving it. I am highly doubtful this would have happened without the efforts of my teachers. Where there is no challenge, there is no reason for improvement.

Haleem Tamale on how discussions with his teachers shaped him to focus on his bigger picture and goals,

“One-on-one discussions with my teachers showed me the value of focusing on the bigger picture. It is from these very discussions where I mastered the skill of forming my own bigger picture and gained the courage to work towards it. The bigger picture differs for each one of us, but forming it is a skill I assure you will play a vital role as you prepare to tackle the more difficult things that await you in the future.”

For sure, my time as a Horizon student came to an end, but more things lie ahead. I look forward to a period of relaxation after what has been a taxing year.

I end with the quote, “If he did it, I can do it.” 

Haleem Tamale

Horizon International School alumnus, Class of 2022

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