On Friday, 22nd January, 2016, Horizon College Jinja (Formerly Galaxy Internatinal School, Jinja Campus), hosted our annual Musical Recital showcase featuring all students from Reception class to Year 13, as well as some of our very own staff members.

After we opened the doors at 2:30, the auditorium hall quickly filled with students, parents, friends, and well-wishers, almost to capacity. Luckily, there was room to dance as many audience members chose to stand up join along with the fantastic dance numbers happening on stage. Students, in groups and individually, courageously showcased talent in musical instruments, choreography, dance, and singing, all with the lovely Miss Anelisa Kleinbooi (Year 11) and Miss Garima Mehta (Year 10), keeping the energy going as the Masters of Ceremony.

The performances appropriately reflected the wonderful diversity we enjoy on campus highlighting Ugandan, Turkish, and Indian culture as well as some pop song favorites like the top of the charts hit, “Hello” by Adele. In true Horizon fashion, both students and staff rose up to the challenge to step outside comfort zones and truly explore our creative abilities. Our efforts were rewarded by the enthusiastic appreciation from the audience.

Of course, an event such as this did not come together over night; under the outstanding supervision of our resident music teacher Mr. Polycarp and our department Coordinators, Ms. Laura Nolan and Mr. Dennis Owara, teachers and students were kept on task during weeks of rehearsals occurring prior to the event; our administration also stayed busy ensuring the facilities would be in top condition. However, in the end, the stars of the show were none other than our amazing, energetic, and talented student body. What a proud day for Horizon College Jinja Jinja (Formerly Galaxy Internatinal School, Jinja Campus)!

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