Dear Mathemania Puzzle Contest 2020 participants,

Horizon International School Uganda is delighted to welcome you to Mathemania Puzzle Contest 2020. It is with excitement and great anticipation that we await the contest to serve more students every year to help them develop some fundamental skills needed for 21st-century education.

The puzzles in Mathemania Puzzle Contest are designed around 5 basic skills that are essential for students’ success in different subject areas such as mathematics, sciences, and technology. These include; CountingPatternVisualLogical reasoning, and Spatial.


The major aim of Mathemania is to allow the learners to apply these five skills in problem-solving and to make mathematics more lovable and fun.

Due to the current Pandemic, this year’s contest will be held online on 31st October 2020 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. The link and passcode to the contest will be sent to all participants countrywide after registration.

The participants are between the ages of 11 – 18. Schools from different parts of the country are invited to participate and the experience is always awesome. Learners are never the same after participating.

About the skills:

  1. ARITHMETIC: Where understanding of numerical skills is assessed.
  2. VISUAL / SPATIAL: Where the visual skills are required to solve the puzzles.
  3. COUNTING: Where students are required to use a systematic way to count.
  4. PATTERN: Where the discovery of different level patterns is expected.
  5. LOGICAL REASONING: Where students use their logical and reasoning skills to tackle the puzzles.
You will be provided with sample questions to help you understand Mathemania puzzles and practice techniques to solve them. Solving the puzzles without looking at the solutions will help you get many different skills and be ready for solving the new puzzles. We encourage you to register in time so that all the necessary help you will need for this contest will be availed to you. All participants from various schools will be announced and awarded with certificates, cash prizes will be given to the winners as follows:- Cash prizes: 1st position – 200,000 Ushs 2nd position – 150,000 Ushs 3rd Position – 100,000 Ushs 4th position – 70,000 Ushs 5th position – 60,000 Ushs 6th position – 50,000 Ushs 7th position – 40,000 Ushs 8th position – 30,000 Ushs Requirements:
  1. Stable Internet
  2. Practice booklet
Rule and regulations
  1. Each question will take 2 minutes
  2. You cannot revisit the question after you have left it
  3. During the exam, you cannot open another tab
  4. During the exam, you cannot minimize the browser.
Click here to download a sample question paper We look forward to celebrating the victory in big numbers Beyond your horizons


What is Mathemania?

Mathemania is an annual puzzle contest held in Uganda and is open to the public. It consists of puzzles that assess students’ visual/spatial, counting, arithmetic, pattern finding and logical/reasoning skills. Mathemania is organized by Horizon College Jinja (Formerly Galaxy International School Uganda). Students, parents, educators and media have shown great enthusiasm and support for the event.


There are three levels to the Mathemania 2015 Contest which have been organized according to the ages of participants. Level details are below.

 Levels  Date of Birth
 Primary  September 1, 2004 – August 31, 2007
 Secondary  September 1, 2001 – August 31, 2004
 High School  September 1, 1999 – August 31, 2001


Question Type

The questions in Mathemania are grouped in to 5 categories:

  • Arithmetic; where understanding of numeral skills are assessed.
  • Visual/ Spatial; where visual skills are required.
  • Counting; where students are required to use a systematic way to count.
  • Pattern; where discovery of different level patterns is expected.
  • Logical Reasoning; where students use their logical skills to tackle the problems.

Awards for Winners

Primary Level          Secondary Level          High School Level
 1st Place  300,000 Shillings            300,000 Shillings            300,000 Shillings
 2nd Place  200,000 Shillings            200,000 Shillings            200,000 Shillings
 3rd Place  100,000 Shillings            100,000 Shillings            100,000 Shillings

Mathemania Contest 2015 – Rules and Regulations


General Information

  • Mathemania is an annual contest consisting of different kinds of puzzles for different levels, organized by Horizon College Jinja (Formerly Galaxy International School Uganda (GISU) ). The purpose of this contest is to boost the enthusiasm towards Math and strengthen the critical thinking skills of students.
  • The Contest consists of 25 multiple choice puzzles. A basic knowledge of math skills, like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication is required.
  • Primary, Secondary, and High School Level participants take different levels according to their age.
  • The contest will be held on 14th of November, 2015, for all the participants of different levels. Time and Venue of the Contest will be mentioned on the participant’s Identity Card.
  • The contest will be held according to the following schedule. Participants of each Level are requested to come at least 45 minutes before their respective Contest starts.
Category Date        Contest Hours
Primary Level November   14, Saturday          09:00 – 10:30
Secondary Level November   14, Saturday          12:00 – 13:30
High School Level November   14, Saturday          15:00 – 16:30

Application Procedure

  • A contestant must attach two recent photos (taken within the last 3 months) along with the application form. Completed application forms are to be sent to us before 10th November 2015. The application forms are available in Horizon College Jinja office and at Application forms can be photo copied.
  • Applicants should show their ID card or any other relevant documents (to prove their date of birth) on submitting the application form.


During the Contest

  • Students should sit in their assigned seats according to their ID card number.
  • No books, calculators, computers, cell-phones or other electronic devices are allowed during the contest. Students are permitted to use only writing tools and erasers.
  • No participant is allowed to walk around, talk to other participants, or share writing tools or erasers during the contest.
  • If there are any possible technical errors on the question paper, the participant has the right to ask for a new one. Therefore, students are suggested to go through the question paper carefully before starting to solve the puzzles. The teacher in charge will be able to provide a new paper.
  • Contestants can ask questions teachers in charge by raising their hands. Contestants are requested to maintain silence in the exam hall.
  • Contestants will remain in their seats until all the Answer Sheets have been collected, regardless of whether they have finished or not. Question papers can be taken home by the contestants.
  • If all the participants answer all the questions correctly within a level, the youngest contestant will be considered the winner.
  • The time duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes for each level.

Prize distribution after the contest

  • The prize awarding ceremony will be held 2 weeks after the contest (28th of November 2015)
  • There will be 3 grand prize winners for each level as given in the table below and the top 15 scorers will receive special prizes.
  • Contestants should solve at least 60 % (12 questions) to be eligible for the Grand Prize.
  • If a contestant solves less than 60% of the questions he/she will be ranked according to the score earned.
  • Prizes will be awarded during the Award Ceremony in November 2015.
  • Horizon College Jinja Math Department holds the right to disqualify any contestant who violates the above mentioned rules and regulations or any other ethical rules during the exam.
  • All participants are requested to read and accept the above rules and regulations before entering the contest.


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