Mabira Forest Trip

On Friday 23rd February 2018, the year 7 hoped into the school van and headed to the mighty Mabira forest. The trip was intended to improve the pupils’ knowledge of the local natural area as well as assisting in their skills in the subject areas: English, Geography and Science.

The students were given a brief background about Mabira forest by the Geography teacher- Mr Brian and were tested on their knowledge of Mabira forest on the journey home and each correct answer was rewarded with a nice treat.

The students were given envelopes to collect anything of Scientific value and they did not disappoint as they collected several items like barks of really old trees, leaves with spores among others.

The students also participated in a treasure hunt where their class teacher- Ms Laura hid physical paper pieces around one of the forest trails in order to conduct a treasure hunt. When the paper pieces were found, they correlated to a sweet. In order to get the sweet, they had to spell the word correctly. All of the words were related to rainforest vocabulary. We were guided around the forest and this was especially educational as the students were able to learn features of certain plants from an expert.

Mabira forest is truly magical and the students got to experience that first hand.