Humans and Nature by Gladys Namuluuta and Gavin Lockhart

The relationship between nature and humans can sometimes be beneficial or destructive. Nature and humans help each other or hurt each other. Every year, millions of trees are cut down and millions are planted as well. So, let’s look at the relationship between nature and humans, and why it is so different sometimes?

Humans destroy nature often, for materials and land. These things are necessary for survival, but nature is needed also. Without it we would not have clean air, fruit and vegetables, and many other things. “Nature is damaged by humans, and a lot of natural resources coming from nature are taken for granted as well as the services.” This is a great example of how humans destroy nature without realizing that we need it to survive. “However, humans cannot live without these services, but nature can probably survive without humans…” So why do we take such little care of nature?

People are realizing these facts. Millions of people every year try to help nature by planting trees and other plants, and businesses that need trees for their products are helping a lot with this. “There’s a big need to plant trees both to provide a future supply of wood for the sawmilling industry in 20 years,” he says, “but also to hit our climate change targets – we need to lock up carbon.” These are two reasons why people plant trees. Wood is an essential construction material, and if we don’t plant trees we will eventually run out of it. But planting trees has another advantage. Trees take carbon dioxide out of the air and turn it into oxygen, helping to stop climate change.

Humans and nature may have a complicated relationship, but we need nature to survive. Without it, climate change would be growing much faster than it is currently, and we wouldn’t have any food. Oxygen would run out, and the world would be a terrible place. So, by helping nature, you not only help yourself, but the entire world.

Please understand your value to the world and treasure nature, because if we continue like this, in twenty years the world will be a terrible place for everyone. Think of your grandchildren and how earth will look like when you’re no longer there. How will they feel that their grandparents destroyed earth for their purpose and never thought of them? They won’t even have a chance to see the wonderful animals we can because they will be extinct. The large forests will no longer be here, the climate will be terrible it and hot because the water bodies will be dry from climate change. We might have to pay for oxygen. Look upon this matter and do what is right!


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