Graduation 2019

On the 14th of June 2019, we had our fourth graduation ceremony. The Reception Class, Year 6 and Year 13 students were the celebrated grandaunts. Present at the memorably colorful event were the parents, friends, teachers and guests were overwhelmingly excited upon witnessing the gallant grandaunts saunter gracefully to the podium and get awarded. The day’s guest of honor was the Rt. Honorable Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca A. Kadaga.

In her speech presided over by the Woman Member of Parliament for Jinja District Katali Loy, she commended the school for the contemporary approach to academics, holistic education supported by modern technology and for promoting diversity, which are essential in turning our children into qualified manpower with a crucial comparative edge. To the graduates, she emphasized taking the academic award as a foundation for remaining relevant to the society in whatever they do.

The principal in his speech encouraged the graduates to use the knowledge they obtained to keep learning.

For the grandaunts, the journey of life brings both challenges and chances: may you carry your spirit to snatch the golden chances and beat the challenges. We remain ever proud of you!

With all the school’s efforts in one Vision, we can always go BEYOND YOUR HORIZONS.