Global Perspectives Projects

The students in primary school have been learning about various units in Global Perspectives (Humanities) during term 1. They studied about Rivers (Year 6), Coastal environments (Year 5), Early villages and Village settlers (Year 4), Our local area (Year 1&3) and the Seaside (Year 2). They participated in various class works, research and project work both during the lessons and as homework. The learners either worked with their teacher, as an individual, in groups or even with their parents.

The students made models, mixed media art and dioramas of the various units studied.

With guidance from their teacher, Ms. Odongkara Sylvia, and support from their parents, the results were these breath-taking pieces of Art created for our school project.

‘I am elated by the hard work and creativity exhibited by the students. Our parents too have been very co-operative and forthcoming towards the request to avail the young creative minds and busy hands with all the necessary materials for these projects’, said the teacher in charge of Global Perspectives.

We are proud to exhibit all our learners’ creative project work because they have all done a great job and shown super effort in completing these projects.

Bravo everyone!!!!