Field Trip to Kakira Sugar Limited

The group that went included students of year 11 to year 13. A total of 20 students accompanied by teachers Mr Kasujja Rashid, Mr Kyebaiga Rogers, Ms Kawuma Edith and Mr Bukenya Ephraim.

On arrival at the factory the delegation met with the guide who quickly took them through safety protocols and provided the safety wear. He then gave a brief background of the factory and showed the delegation the first sugar cane mill Known as ‘The John McNeil Scotland.’

Students were allowed to ask questions throughout the tour and the questions were answered to expectation. We then proceeded to the factory starting from the weighing of the cane through the process of crushing to the final part where the sugar is finally packed for transportation.

Along the way the learners also got to see the Power generation facility which generates around 50 megawatts of power 32 megawatts of which are exported to the national grid. They also visited the mechanical workshop where spare parts are fabricated for repair of machines that break down in the factory. Students also got to see the distillery plant that produces 6000 liters of ethanol that is used in hospitals country wide.

Finally, the business students had a talk with our guide who also works in the Human Resource Department and he answered many questions from the students about the business dealings of the Department. The students took down notes all though the tour.

All the business and economics students were asked by Mr Bukenya to write a report about what they learnt in the business sense and hand it in by Thursday 25th January 2018 detailing the process, workers, instances of wastage, type of production and possible solutions to any problems.