Family Picnic-Year 1- 3

Parents play a very if not the most vital role in the academic success of a student. They encourage, motivate and support the learners in all ways imaginable. Parents and teachers must therefore make a good team if any meaningful progress is to be made in educating the child.

It is upon this belief, that Horizon, decided to organise “family picnics” where the parents, teachers and learners interact in a free environment of fun and celebration.

On the 11th of May 2018, a picnic was held at Kingfisher Resort, where all the parents, guardians and all other stakeholders of the years 1 to 3 were invited.

The picnic went on without any hitch and everyone was happy with the organisation. Some would say the rain was a disruption, but not us, because “we love the rain”. The parents, students and teachers were all involved in the activities of the day like; football, balloon bursting, water bottle filling, tag of war etc. There was even a competition at the see-saw.

The students concluded with a special thank you message to the parents, and so went another day of fun at Horizon.

A special thank you to all the parents that made it a point to join in the fun, and all the year 1 to 3 class teachers, subject teachers and assistant teachers for a job well done.

We mean it when we say, “we can’t wait for the next picnic!”.