Face of color

In a way I do see color…the vibrancy of yellows and oranges, the sparkle of the
pinks and reds, the cool that is blue and green. Mine are the highs and lows of grey.

Well, that is till I met her…

She who stole my breath away; crashing into my straight narrow path turning it

upside down and meandering- literally.

A glimpse, a peek with my face to stuck to the cold burning ground, of her humanly

face- much out of the ordinary- with so much…color?

Even her soft carried “sorry” seemed intense…overbearing. Energy that knocked me

further into the ground where I lay…helplessly.

Never before had I experienced such power. The ability to stun me…much less
knock me to the ground; seems out of sorts- impossible. I have always walked alone.

There was no one to relate too…

That stainless steel sharp question when meeting someone new, “what is your
favorite color?” they ask. And my equally awkward answer, “oh I don’t know… a little
perhaps faded grey”. I have been in this stationary numbness for as long as I can
remember. Dark clouds brood over the stormy grey heavens capturing even the

smallest stars.

Today-today was is different. A singular strand of hope, like a wondering fairy light
on the ocean. Known to mislead but a light, color nonetheless. A warmness washes
over me filling me with a spark like a newly lit fire in a damp creek…but already the

adrenaline is depleting.

“Stop…Stay” my voice strains out with a desperacy I cannot recognize toward her
but she seems already so far out of touch. Out of range- all cold and hollow; back to

my solitary dark sanctuary.

In a way I do see color- just now- that crashed me head first into the ground.

By: Vanessa Williams Biruingi