Our Home by Khushil Patel and Patricia Saldanha

Chapter one: Connection

First of all, let’s look at it in this way, how is the world now? Filled with the newest brands of phones, televisions, gadgets and other appliances. Everyone wants to be dope. Wow, all this is intriguing. I mean who wouldn’t want a new gadget or something cool to play with like video games and play stations. I really would but, numerous articles have said that we feel less connected to nature than kids and adults why? Simply because we’re so wound up in the technology world that we have forgotten a piece of what makes us. Understanding how critical it is for a human being to connect with nature could target the conservation of nature in the coming years.

Without the knowledge of this we could go extinct before our time. The connection is slightly ruptured open. “Connected to nature” means our enduring relationship with nature. We were built and formed delicately and so was nature. 

Gadgets are lit, break but cost tons of money to be mended. But the environment surrounding us can be rebuilt with love and skill. They say “Change starts with you” and yes that is true, but I believe that “Change is Within Us” we want an everlasting friendship with Mother Earth. Our current actions could be killing each part of her slowly. The connection between Nature and Humans is complex to understand and it is a delightful connection.

Nature itself is a discovery. It helps us with creative thinking, problem solving and much more. Interacting with nature is a rollercoaster of wonderful experiences. Teenagers are at a stage of their life where their minds are filled with everlasting curiosity. We want to learn and Experience and there is nothing more intricate and obscure. 

We want a better world for ourselves so we need to create it. Our minds are filled with thoughts opinions and ideas that we keep hidden and may be better than most solutions today.

Lauren Singer has been living a zero-waste life since 2012 it’s not very easy to have everything organically made but it’s an idea that a young adult came up with. If Greta Thunberg debates about how we are destroying the earth and how we can impact nature. Then why can’t we start small and make a difference. This is the connection, making a difference that will impact future generations.

Chapter two: Circumstances and current situations.

Keeping in mind the current situation, going outdoors is not the most convenient idea but, What about alone time? I’m sure the pandemic has certainly made a dramatic change. We can’t go to school and hang out with friends, play games without a meter’s distance. The safest way to play is play with nature. It’s the safest and most beautiful game you’ll find.

Plant trees, grow vegetables and do much more. The ability to create something is within us A stroll in your backyard or anywhere is one way we connect and play with nature. Nature is a breath of fresh air. Stress is a driving factor to mental health problems.

Mentally strong one is physically and emotionally healthy. After all it’s in our head, school at times is frustrating and you want a place to unwind. We can make friends with. Nature, they are unproblematic. Nature itself is a remedy.

We should spend more time with nature, not that we don’t but it’s easier to have an organized mind, rather than a mind that looks like it’s a home going through shifting into a new one. As said before the works of nature are a soothing place, no cap. 

Nature is a freeing and accepting place, whereas, social media makes you re-think if you’re good enough or not. To find happiness is key not to drive pain away. 

A study shows that we rather end pain than gain pleasure.

A sense of peace is all nature gives and we need it. Nature helping us overcome negative thoughts is a connection that’s forever there and it’s free and it’s healthy. So, make a connection, a stronger one. There’s an entire area of happiness, we need to discover it. 

Chapter three: The Bond

There’s a story, I don’t know if it’s true or not but. There was a boy who would talk to trees every single day, like you talk to your best friend. His classmates would make fun of him. “Are you mad” they’d say. They’d call him names for talking to something that doesn’t talk back. Every single day, he had a problem he’d go sit under that tree, a bad day he’d do the same. One day the classmates teased him so much, he started to cry and the tree was old but had delicious fruits.

There was a huge branch that was clinging for life onto it. That day it fell on that particular boy that endlessly made fun of him. It hit him so bad that, He never returned, and that tiny little activity of the boy continued until the tree died.

It was old, it needed to be cut, but the boy never allowed that to happen. “When it’s time for him to go he’ll go, don’t stress.” This doesn’t mean that trees can talk. But nature is a calm place where you can think out loud and no one will judge you. Being able to think and find happiness in tiny little findings that nature’s hidden. That is a connection. 

Lastly being with nature is something that benefits each one of us a lot. Nature is an open secret, there’s more to be discovered, found, built and created, there are growing minds in this world. Humans and Nature have a connection that is deeply rooted in the depths of this earth. There’s no pressure and the safest place right now is you and the thing that is around you.

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