Relationship between humans and nature

Within the past four decades, research has been increasingly drawn towards understanding whether there is a link between the changing human-nature relationship. In their English Language classes, our year 8 students have been working on projects to conclude their unit 1 – Nature and Humans. The following are the projects from which the students had to choose;

  1. A Teens story book of about five or more pages
  2. A video of five minutes about nature and humans with an interview therein.
  3. An article for adult readers on the topic. 
They remotely teamed up and brainstormed, worked tirelessly hard and came up with these amazing projects showcased there in below.

Project 1. The relationship between Humans and Nature by Khushil Patel and Patricia Saldanha

First of all, let’s look at it in this way, how is the world now? Filled with the newest brands of phones, televisions, gadgets and other appliances. Everyone wants to be dope. Wow, all this is intriguing. I mean who wouldn’t want a new gadget or something cool to play with like video games and play stations. I really would but, numerous articles have said that we feel less connected to nature than kids and adults why? Simply because we’re so wound up in the technology world that we have forgotten a piece of what makes us. Understanding how critical it is for a human being to connect with nature could target the conservation of nature in the coming years…

Project 2. The relationship between Humans and Nature by Gladys Namuluuta and Gavin Lockhart

The relationship between nature and humans can sometimes be beneficial or destructive. Nature and humans help each other or hurt each other. Every year, millions of trees are cut down and millions are planted as well. So, let’s look at the relationship between nature and humans, and why it is so different sometimes?…

Project 3. The relationship between Humans and Nature by Mahi Goswami and Andrew McAulay.

Are we not part of the earth? We consist of the many molecules like everything else on earth with one interconnected system that keeps us all alive. Why do we often feel that we are separate from others? Not everyone does…

Project 4. The Pine Island by Anish Nanda and Nicole Byrne

It was a Monday morning, it was my first day of high school. I was so excited that I even woke up at 5am even though my classes only started at 8:00. I quickly brushed my teeth and got ready because I didn’t want to be late on my first day. I was ready at exactly 5:30, I was shocked that it had only taken me 30 minutes to get ready, I thought I had taken way longer than that but since I had plenty of time till the bus had to pick me up, I decided…