“Children are the most precious treasure a community can possess, for in them are the promise and guarantee of the future” – Mr. Likami Felix, Parent.

Recently, we received overwhelming feedback from one of our parents, Mr. Likami Felix in a detailed article dubbed, “The future is here.” He has been with us since August 2020 with a daughter who is currently in year six. The article entails his thoughts about the school, and what her daughter has benefited from being with us so far, among other insights. Read on as follows below;

I am so humbled to be a parent at Horizon International school. I am a farmer and a Project Manager at Ecomama’s Uganda Community Gardens.

My daughter Ann joined this wonderful school in August 2020. She is currently in her sixth year. Just like most new parents, I was so nervous about her settling in for her studies. The fear was quickly diffused by an amazing Horizon staff that includes ever-smiling security guides, warm receptionists, confident teaching staff, and an ever-present administration.

Children are the most precious treasure a community can possess, for in them are the promise and guarantee of the future. They bear the seeds of the character of future society, which is largely shaped by what the adults do or fail to do concerning children. They are a trust that no community can neglect with impunity. An all-embracing love of children, the manner of treating them, the quality of attention shown to them, the support of adult behavior toward them – these are among the vital aspects of the requisite attitude!

Horizon is an exemplary institution that strives to ensure space within which praiseworthy morals and essential capacities are developed for the habits and patterns of conduct nurtured into the workplace, into the social and political life of the society, and finally into the arena of international relations.

For instance, when my daughter talks about a “balanced argument “ in her English class, Environmental Conservation in GP, Statistical inferences in Math, not to mention a very honest and certain assessment of her character by the science instructor during our PTC, then What else do I need as a parent? This school is indeed a gem, a future-made present for our children!

A computer wizard she became, the yoga sage in the making, playing violin at all our family parties, and the unbelievably quick understanding of French communication skills. It’s indeed a blessing. Introducing ‘Swahili’ classes would be the cherry on the cake! It’s a widely accepted language in Africa as we proudly say, “ Hakuna Matata! “

I do therefore cherish this precious school including all its stakeholders in helping the society in scaling down the heights of formal education in a holistic way that is aimed at developing better persons. ENDS…

Horizon International School is a private, co-educational international school located in the heart of Jinja City, accredited by the Cambridge Assessment International Education ( CAIE) AND licensed by the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda. Horizon provides education to learners from the ages of 2 to 19. 

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