CAIE Afternoon

On the afternoon of 13th September 2018, the parents and guardians of the high school students (years 10 to 13) were invited to attend the annual CAIE evening.
Among the items discussed were;
♣ University options
♣ Effective study techniques
♣ Discipline
♣ Parent involvement etc.
The students were encouraged to go out of their comfort zones and go an extra mile in order to improve their grades.
Also, the A-level students were introduced to the idea of work placement and charity work as a means of earning extra credit while applying for university education in the near future.
The evening was capped off with a presentation by officials from three UK universities;
♣ Teesside
♣ Ulster
♣ Brunel
They guided both the students and parents on what they need to get into these universities and it was an eye-opening experience for them.