Annual Mathemania Competitions

The Mathemania annual competition was held on 9th Nov 2019 at our premises, where learners were tested about the five learning skills (counting, arithmetic, logical reasoning, visual and pattern). We had 7 secondary and 16 primary schools that attended with a total of 115 secondary and 226 primary participants.

In the secondary category, the winners were:
1st Haumba favour & Ekou Etoku Matthew from Kiira College Butiiki
2nd Titus Gwortney from Good Shephard’s Fold International
3rd Shruti Sood from Horizon International School

In the primary category winner were:
1st Mubiru Joshua from Victoria Nile School
2nd Bogere Uthman from St.Bernadette primary School
3rd Ssengendo Edwin from Seeta Juniour school Mbalala

Cash, Certificates and medals were awarded to the winners, on the awards day which was 16th/Nov/2019.

We thank everyone who participated in the competitions for making this event a success.

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