At Horizon International School, we offer a diverse range of programs and courses that cater to the diverse interests and aspirations of our students. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to provide a well-rounded education that prepares our learners to excel in various fields, including science and technology. Here’s a glimpse of our main courses and the exciting world of science and technology within our curriculum:

Early Years Learning Goals


KG2: 2 - 3
KG3: 3 - 4
Reception: 4 - 5

Literacy; Numeracy; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Understanding the World And Expressive Arts And Design.

Key Stage1

Year 1 & 2
(5-6 Years)

By the end of year two, It is expected that all students have applicable English, Mathematics, Science, and Social skills. They would have developed an enthusiasm for learning,  will be able to read and write, and use simple mathematics at a level appropriate for their age or beyond.

Key Stage 2 Year 3 to 6

AGE: 7 - 11 years

Students are provided with the on-going assessment to ensure that each student’s progress and development meet the standards. Children completing meet the standards.

Key Stage 3 Year 7 to 9

AGE: 11 - 14 years

Our Students are taught in a caring and supportive environment, which treats each person as an individual and challenges all to excel. We place a high emphasis on rigorous academics, sports, community service, and moral education for our students.

Key Stage 4 (IGCSE) Year 10 & 11

AGE: 14-16 years

At the end of Year 11, Learners sit for Cambridge IGCSE Examinations. I n this Level a student is allowed to choose a maximum of eight subjects.
compulsory: Mathematics, English and ICT.

AS/A'LEVEL Year 12 & 13

16 - 19 years

Students can choose one from each group: Cambridge International A ‘Levels are typically a two-year Course that develops our learner’s Knowledge, Understanding, and skills in presenting reasoned explanations, understanding, and skills in decisions.

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