A trip to Njeru Stock farm and Victoria Nile Plastics

The year 1-3 students were excited to do some out of school learning and this time, it came in form of a trip to Njeru Stock Farm.

While there, the students were excited to see all manner of animals, from cows, goats to pigs. They were especially excited to see the young ones of these animals as they played around. They also got to see the milking parlour where the cows are milked. This was an amazing experience for most of them as they had never seen a cow milked before.

From Njeru Stock Farm, the students left for Victoria Nile Plastics Limited on Kayunga Road. The manager gave the students a warm welcome as they prepared to move around the factory. He  As the students moved around the factory, they learnt a number of things from the recycling process to the moulding process, they also saw a good number of moulding machines. It was especially rewarding to the students as they learnt that used plastic bottles can be recycled into new and clean ones.

A special thank you the managements of both Njeru Stock Farm and Victoria Nile Plastics for showing us tremendous hospitality during our trips.