Principal’s welcome message

It’s my pleasure to welcome all continuing students and those of you who have joined the Horizon family. I welcome you all from the summer holiday and look forward to another academic year. Horizon’s commitment to service and student excellence has seen us transform in areas of academics, administration and service delivery. We are dedicated to serve you better and we believe that this year will not be like any other.

With a competent and devoted team, we deliberate to work hand in hand with you for academic excelence. With your continued support and participation in the school activities, we shall be able to provide our students with the best academic and an expanse co-curicular experience.

With our current school structure we look forward to improving in the areas of student-centered education, student discipline, school communication, sports and other extra-curricular activities not forgetting transport service. We are passionate about the students’ welfare and we tirelessly work to ensure their empowerment into becoming independent and critical thinkers. I believe in a student community that is able to make use of the resources available to achieve long term student achievements and well-being.

As we begin this new academic term let us work as a team to benefit fully from the quality and holistic education we offer at Horizon. I thank you for being part of this great institution and your choice of being part of this school represents a commitment to striving to “Go beyond your Horizons”

Yours in service
Horizon International School Uganda